Established by the SIXTY-SECOND LEGISLATURE of THE STATE OF TEXAS and certified by Secretary of State Bob Bullock 23rd day of September, A. D. 1971


Oakmont Public Utility District strives to achieve the purposes for which it was created, including the conservation and development of all of the natural resources of this State, and development of parks and recreational facilities, preservation and distribution of its storm and flood waters for irrigation and all other useful purposes, the reclamation and irrigation of its arid, semiarid and other lands needing irrigation, the reclamation and drainage of its overflowed lands, and other lands needing drainage, the conservation and development of its forests and water, and the preservation and conservation of all such natural resources of the State.


Term Ends 2025

Vice President
Term Ends 2025

Term Ends 2027

Assistant Secretary
Term Ends 2027

Assistant Secretary
Term Ends 2027


General board meetings convene on the second Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm at the Auburn Lakes Recreation Center, 25005 Northcrest Drive, Spring, Texas 77389. Parks and Recreation committee meetings every fourth Wednesday of the month. Please consult the event calendar for up to date meeting information and special events.


We extend our gratitude to our former board members for their steadfast and dedicated service to our community:

Michael Arden (Vice President, 1998 – 2016)
James Brooks (Assistant Secretary, 1992 – 1998)
Gregory Carr (Assistant Secretary, 1992 – 1998)
Ken Coleman (Assistant Secretary, 1998 – 2000)
Duane Crane (Vice President, 1992 – 1996)
Tracy Dupeza (President, 1996 – 1998)
Fred Fitzhugh (Vice President, 1996 – 1998)
Dewitt Henley (Secretary, 1986 – 1998)
Randa Langerud (Assistant Secretary, 2005 – 2015)
Robert McCain (Secretary, 1998 – 2005)
Kerry Simmons (Secretary, 2016 – 2023)
Kenneth Streeter (President, 1998 – 2016)
Sylvia Suillivan (Assistant Secretary, 1998 – 2005, 2011 – 2018)
Sylvia Suillivan (Secretary, 2005 – 2017)
Brad Tinder (Assistant Secretary, 2005 – 2015)